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Karen O’Keefe

Mountain View School

I have been the recipient of several grants from the Washington Education Foundation for which I am extremely grateful. Each grant supported supplemental academic programs at Sunburst Elementary and at Mountain View Elementary, programs that would not have been possible without those grants. At Sunburst Elementary, Character Counts books and other books were bought for Sunrise Stories, an early morning reading program. Mad Monday Math, an early morning math buddies program, was also funded by a WEF grant. Each program brought MANY students to school early to listen to stories and to play math games to help them with their grade level skills. At Mountain View Elementary, the 4th grade PencilPALS program benefits greatly from WEF grants. Because this is an additional program, there is no actual school budget for it. The grants supply four classes with the materials needed for the school year and for the summer. Again, without those grants, continuing this writing program would be very difficult.

Charla Itkoe 

Desert View School

The Washington Education Foundation has generously supported our Special Needs Preschool programs by providing us with grants. Through the grants, we have been able to provide our students with hands-on learning materials to support their developmental needs and interests. Through the “Play is a Dirty Job but Kids Have to Do It” grant, we were able to purchase developmentally appropriate materials geared towards developmental ages of infant through toddler. This allows us to provide a rich, engaging environment for all of our students and promotes independence. Through the “Look at Me, Who Can I Be?” grant, we purchased dramatic play materials. With this grant, we have been able to provide the children with dress-up clothes, play scenarios such as a doctor’s office, a bakery, etc. as a way for the children to experience the world around them. We would not be able to provide such an enriching environment for our students without the support from the Washington Education Foundation!

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