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Grant Application Part A Instructions

Instructions for filling in your application and grant draft:

Option 1

Download the Grant Application below using downward arrow button.  Open: PDF Escape  Navigate to your downloaded grant document and open or add to PDF Escape program. When the grant application is open, simply click on the line you want to type and choose the Text Box. You can adjust your text at the top. Additionally, you can copy and paste text into this program. Save your document and click the download button. 

Option 2

Fill out the Application Part A via Google Form

Option 3

Print Application Part A document.  Fill it in.  Take a picture or scan it. 

Grant Application Part B Instructions

Start a new document.  Title it: Part B - Grant Application Narrative.  Answer all the questions for sections 1 through 9.  For each section list the Section number and Heading in bold type.

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